So, been dry lately. Few posts recently, as one can see. In an effort to get over my hump, I’ve decided to do an audio treatment of my first poem that I posted here. Click the link below and you’re whisked over to the site where I’ll be storing the audio files. Ya might have to give it a few seconds to load.


I present: Untitled, original audio #1



Here is the written piece, Untitled, original poem #1


Untitled, original poem #96

i step into the rush for you
swift current
stirring surface show

here i am
here i am
get your shoes

let's go


Untitled, original poem #95

if we shut down traffic lights
turned off street lamps
& store signs
if the radios & railways fell dark
if gravity & vulcanism
 ground to a halt

if all the stars in the universe
 burned out
there would still be us
unformed with no time

there would still be us
as in we
in the dark
unlighted & free

we as the endless
we as the essence
us as in alpha & omega

if only we turned out the lights


Original poem #90

Breaking Samsara

 is the end
  of my days

even now
 i know

as i bear another 
 spun out star day
as my comforts drift
 like mists
and wisps of cloud 
 that dissipate and dissolve
  into oblivion

this poet is my curtain call
my redemption
my own and only
 spiritual ovation

 will not
  live again


Untitled, original poem #84

what will our bones say
 when the metals oxidize
  when bricks and bridges both
   have broken into dust

when tombstone epitaphs
 have been toppled and rewritten
  by the rain
   and whipping winds

 what will our bones say
  when new versions of ourselves
   find them interred 
    in the dirt

i bet we get credit
 for the pyramids