Untitled, original poem #96

i step into the rush for you
swift current
stirring surface show

here i am
here i am
get your shoes

let's go


Untitled, original poem #95

if we shut down traffic lights
turned off street lamps
& store signs
if the radios & railways fell dark
if gravity & vulcanism
 ground to a halt

if all the stars in the universe
 burned out
there would still be us
unformed with no time

there would still be us
as in we
in the dark
unlighted & free

we as the endless
we as the essence
us as in alpha & omega

if only we turned out the lights


Untitled, original poem #89

my laugh blew out the candle
blew out wormwood and warm words
god willing
 we both find our home

my laugh
 breaks broad-spectrum banter
  into buttermilk
for greasing social orgies
and whole sororities
 know my name

but tonight
 under symphonic cricket starlight
it's your laugh
 that's feeding my flame


Untitled, original poem #85

fishing for a future
fighting finality
 with a fistful of memories
  & lyric diaries

while we're apart
while i'm stalking the shores
 & the shoals of your heart
i am a cold singularity


there has to be more than this
worlds away from you
so far and away

there has to be more
 than this


Untitled, original poem #82

sunlight shimmers on your lips
you taste of blueberries
 and love

with lavender oil
 we anoint our hips

you fit me like a glove


Original poem #65

Mistress Earth

such dry bones
so much flesh subdued
lifetimes of wisdom wasted
so many nights removed

i have heard my voice
 cast in pain
  her earth name
bleeding in echo-dark caverns
tearing in shock
out of chorus
under low and starless skies

i have trodden her desperate wastes
passed the fires and the pits
 and down to where
  the deep things die

rot feeds future fields

i've carried mountains
 on my breaking back
chained by my stars
drowning in bars

she summons me
 by each
  of my names