Untitled, original poem #97

in the harsh
 and studied light of day
my surface heaves and cracks
but if you come
 a darker way

i'll spill upon your tracks


Untitled, original poem #96

i step into the rush for you
swift current
stirring surface show

here i am
here i am
get your shoes

let's go


Untitled, original poem #79

can only be moved 
 on the surface
so many
 of these earth-clod gods

i can not swim their current
 and stay the course myself
my waters and my world

can't speak and swim
and there's nothing left to say

how will i know the one
i should have never come


Untitled, Original poem #72

which way to the end
which way to star-dust
 and rainbow-dance
why haven't i sussed
 your shamans' trance
and where the hell
 are my fast tracks

wrinkles rim my weary eyes
and still i don't
 fill this disguise

    you souls can


Untitled, original poem #71

too many souls
too much sweat
and too much blood
too many damned human movements
 of pinpoint salvation

here i am
and in aftermath

waiting for the end of the world
waiting for my freedom
waiting to be whole again


Original poem #67


warped in your starlight
softened and scattered
i'm cloud-filtered moonlight
feasting on ravens
 and shadows of earth night

a pale flight

refusing my soul
 for these bones
  and their birthright


Original poem #65

Mistress Earth

such dry bones
so much flesh subdued
lifetimes of wisdom wasted
so many nights removed

i have heard my voice
 cast in pain
  her earth name
bleeding in echo-dark caverns
tearing in shock
out of chorus
under low and starless skies

i have trodden her desperate wastes
passed the fires and the pits
 and down to where
  the deep things die

rot feeds future fields

i've carried mountains
 on my breaking back
chained by my stars
drowning in bars

she summons me
 by each
  of my names