Social Media Censorship

Originally I wanted to make a lengthy post about censorship on social media sites and nefarious intelligence organizations slurping up our data, Rule 41, mainstream propaganda, yadda yadda yadda. This won’t be that post. I figure if you’re the kind of person that’s concerned about this sort of thing, you probably already know that popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube censor content according to prevailing political ideals and the dissemination of desired norms and narratives pushed by the powers that shouldn’t be. If you didn’t know this or refuse to believe it, I guess I can’t help you. Just type “censorship and social media” into your favorite search engine, scroll beyond the puff pieces and read for yourself.

Instead of preachy talk about the stupidity and dangers of censorship, I present a newer social media, video site. An alternative to YouTube’s increasingly censored platform. It’s called BitChute. Yes, yes, so many of the good URLs are long gone but it’s what’s under the hood that really matters.

Check it out, or don’t. I’m just too dry for new poetry lately but felt I had to post something that matters to me. Here’s a link to a recent video on social media censorship and it’s hosted over at BitChute.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXODUS HAS BEGUN. HERE’S WHERE EVERYBODY’S GOING┬áby tireless researcher, the inimitable James Corbett.