Untitled, original poem #94

my shadow is cast
iniquitous and full

i told you this was my last round
old habits and all of that
too many trips to the treasure room
come now
let me touch you

 that's it

galaxies dim 
they drain from the rim of your eye
a bitter milky mead
my cup
 it runneth over

that's it
as the very breath is sucked
 from the bower of your trembling lips
you know

i am your cold singularity


Untitled, original poem #93

fuck lines

i take curves and free fissures
with my politesse

come sew frills on my sleeve
i'll bleed wine for your glass

you let slip him tonight
and i'll fuck your ass


Untitled, Original poem #92

nowhere to be
nothing to do
nothing to stop me
 from doing nothing at all
so i let my soul free fall

as rain on a mountainside
as an untroubled & natural
 earth changing landslide

days flow into lingering starlight 
wash over me
my rocky mountain reflection


Original poem #91

Bar Night

he talked about tunnels
 buried unshaken
  beneath our broken city

she kissed a drunken blonde girl
dipping deep teeth and fingers
flashing on the dance floor
and sarah was wearing
 her beer battered socks

while off in my corner
as a kind of unofficial observer
 my notebook
  breathed pillars of flame


Original poem #90

Breaking Samsara

 is the end
  of my days

even now
 i know

as i bear another 
 spun out star day
as my comforts drift
 like mists
and wisps of cloud 
 that dissipate and dissolve
  into oblivion

this poet is my curtain call
my redemption
my own and only
 spiritual ovation

 will not
  live again


Untitled, original poem #89

my laugh blew out the candle
blew out wormwood and warm words
god willing
 we both find our home

my laugh
 breaks broad-spectrum banter
  into buttermilk
for greasing social orgies
and whole sororities
 know my name

but tonight
 under symphonic cricket starlight
it's your laugh
 that's feeding my flame