Social Media Censorship

Originally I wanted to make a lengthy post about censorship on social media sites and nefarious intelligence organizations slurping up our data, Rule 41, mainstream propaganda, yadda yadda yadda. This won’t be that post. I figure if you’re the kind of person that’s concerned about this sort of thing, you probably already know that popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube censor content according to prevailing political ideals and the dissemination of desired norms and narratives pushed by the powers that shouldn’t be. If you didn’t know this or refuse to believe it, I guess I can’t help you. Just type “censorship and social media” into your favorite search engine, scroll beyond the puff pieces and read for yourself.

Instead of preachy talk about the stupidity and dangers of censorship, I present a newer social media, video site. An alternative to YouTube’s increasingly censored platform. It’s called BitChute. Yes, yes, so many of the good URLs are long gone but it’s what’s under the hood that really matters.

Check it out, or don’t. I’m just too dry for new poetry lately but felt I had to post something that matters to me. Here’s a link to a recent video on social media censorship and it’s hosted over at BitChute.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXODUS HAS BEGUN. HERE’S WHERE EVERYBODY’S GOING by tireless researcher, the inimitable James Corbett.







Praise Be to the Perusers!

I’m taking a moment here to thank everybody that’s stopped by and checked out my work. I am surprised and pleased that I get views at all.

As a devourer of written and other web content, I am all too familiar with content creators feeling like their work isn’t getting the attention they’d like. That said, I went into this endeavor not really expecting much of a response and to just have a go at it anyway.

I offer this sincere expression of gratitude to those that have poked their heads into my little corner of the webiverse, for the views, follow clicks, likes, comments, shares and for the kind emails I have received.

Well, that’s all. Thanks a ton and have a good weekend!



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Catch and Release of The Week

I caught this smallmouth bass at a little spillway, on a skinny river near my pad. Much bigger than the usual size of smallmouth I find there. Good enough to interrupt my poetry publications with.

What must a caught fish be thinking? I wonder if it’s similar to what some humams describe as alien abductions. Suddenly it’s being pulled upward and out of the water; to find a big biped looking back at it. It has to be weird.

Whatever it’s thoughts, (if any beyond instinctive) it carried them silently back into the storm muddied river where I found him.

Have a good weekend, my little fish friend. I hope your next meal is real.


Titles? Caps?

If you’ve read some of my work, you’ve possibly wondered what my deal is with titles and caps.

I don’t generally care to use titles much. I feel like it can set a tone that I would rather let the body of the piece reveal. No preconceived notions is often a good place to start in many endeavors, not the least of which being these poems.

Ok, so what about capitalization? Meh. Oddly enough, I don’t have a clear answer to this. Maybe some day I’ll figure out the greater reason I feel this way and I’ll post something about it. What I do know is if you see caps in any of my poems, rest assured there is special meaning.

Poetry is something I kind of just feel out. Did it? It just feels right this way.


A Somewhat More Conventional, Inaugural (almost) Post

“I’ve made this site mainly for myself. But also for you. Even if it’s just you. Maybe you will find an answer in here somewhere.”

Welcome. Whomever you are, I’m glad you’re here.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I haven’t until now because frankly, I’ve been an introvert in most settings, for most of my life. Sharing my inner world with others has never been a natural or comfortable experience for me.

That is until I discovered poetry. I don’t mean the stuffy, frilly prose (not usually a fan) your teacher pushed on you in your propaganda prison days. I mean crazy shit like Celebration of The Lizard by James Douglas Morrison. What a mental turn-on that kind of reading was.

 I was in my very early teens when I found writing poetry allowed me to express my inner world. Thoughts, dreams, observations that other people I knew didn’t seem to have, or at least appear to have an interest in. Big picture thoughts.

While time fillers, details and duties of life, (like school or baseball or telling somebody what I wanted to be when I grew up) bored me; I found an outlet for all of my big picture kind of thoughts in poetry. And that made me feel alive in a way nothing else ever had. Unlike homework or friends or grand ambitions, writing poetry had no rules. No expectations. The beat poets had taught me that. I could draw way outside of the lines. Not boring.

At some point, I began writing poetry that would take me days to figure out what the full meaning was. One such piece had bore insight into a question I had been pondering, upon re reading much later. So what had seemed like nonsense lines earlier weren’t so nonsense anymore.

Writing poetry became much more important at that point. It wasn’t just a tool for expression anymore, or something I could tease girls with. It was an oracle. My own, personal cosmic computer that crunched the numbers for me and spat out code. Code that I could hopefully interpret and work into my life and worldview.

It’s as though the work comes to me from another plane or higher dimension. Transdimensional. From a place of greater scope and perspective than I have as my mundane, human self.

I’ve made this site mainly for myself. But also for you. Even if it’s just you. Maybe you will find an answer in here somewhere. Even if you’re the only one who reads this work, it’s worth my effort. Maybe you’ll be inspired yourself to produce your own puzzle piece. Maybe nobody but the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA and some militarized, local police with too many toys will read. I don’t know but, here it goes.

– JL Harrington, TdP