Who am I? Who are any of us? Sparks and tinder, ash and flame. Light slowed down and bound in a knot. I am Source, experiencing myself as a man on planet earth.

Here, you will primarily find original poetry.  Occasional rants on society, politics and maybe fishing stories will pop up from time to time. (I have a great one involving unidentified craft at a local lake.)

Some poems will be presented with a link to an interesting article related to the poem and / or the inspiration for it. When applicable, these links can be found below the poem.

For more information on me and what I’m doing here, check out my second post, entitled A Somewhat More Conventional, Inaugural (almost) Post. My first post is my more poetic introduction. untitled, original work #1.

Please feel free to comment, hit those share buttons and be sure to scroll down to find the “follow” switch. Thanks for stopping by and do come back often. I’ll be posting regularly.

– JL Harrington, TdP



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