Untitled, original poem #42

a stranger fate
i say
has surely set itself for me
under woven blankets
 in the basements of her babylon

alone on the mark
 sail a soft line
  through her seas
   in the dark
drinking cold breeze
and moonmilk
before we embark

to the stranger lands
 of fate
  i say



Author: Transdimensional Poet

Poet, Transdimensional explorer, fisherman.

2 thoughts on “Untitled, original poem #42”

  1. The best kind of love poem addresses the reader intimately, as if it is only about them, and this is such a piece. It has a lot of tenderness, especially the lines “.. sail a soft line..” and the interplay of moonmilk, cold breeze and darkness is really beautiful. I wonder about the mysterious subject and the longing which underscores the poem is almost palpable. I really look forward to your posts and love this one very much. Best wishes!

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