Original poem #51

Temporal Meditation

what is a moment
clouds on a peak
a sunburn
a still life
what does a raindrop
  know of floods



Untitled, original poem #50

all files are dark
all plants hang low
all brains are in a field alone

all now sleeping
 at the palace door
in shadows deep
 that dance

hammering our spirit
and living off the blood
lapping the red flood
 from our faces
and licking our shadows
 with black priestly tongues

i draw in this blood

i spit out these thrones


Untitled, original poem #49

i stretched
like a beggar
  i reached back
found my old hounds
and dry hothouse flowers
 where i left them
though steeped
 in a deeper nostalgia


Untitled, original poem #48

wicked waters
dead dirt
and money

wasted time
extended life

dry riverbeds
powerless figureheads
meaningless democracy


a penny
is a power


Untitled, original poem #47

worldly goods
and wooly written memoirs
funeral cost concerns
and casket color considerations
 scribed like living prayers
  into morning coffee notebooks

 in your sunshine
  i am dead


Untitled, original poem #46 (Haiku)

tax man comes in spring

floods drown fields from winter’s death

sign away your boat




Untitled, original poem #45

every experience
 is shark fins
icebergs and archipelagos
volcanic islands
even the depths
 are crenelated castle towers
  peering through a fog