Original poem #22

Paradox Postulate

if there is truth
if it is shepard
it's an oceanic waterclock

as we are subatomic
  fluid patterns
and co-creator livestock

whole worlds unseen
words unspoken
unwritten and unread

if there is truth
and truth is shepard
we are both alive and dead


Info on Schrödinger's cat thought experiment.

Author: Transdimensional Poet

Poet, Transdimensional explorer, fisherman.

2 thoughts on “Original poem #22”

  1. I love the mesmerising effect of the rhyming, like ripples over the flowing water poetry and the beautiful oceanic waterclock. I have tried to put an element of this in words, but not in such a seemingly effortless way – the paradox you describe, which we intuit and feel but can’t ordinarily grasp.. is elegantly put. Thanks for sharing and flowing!

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