Original poem #14

The Machine

i've seen the machine
a psycho-spiritual 
  fun house mirror
where on the out
weird almond-eyed gremlins 
  work an old hand crank
as they recycle souls

i've seen lines 
  of asomatous anarchists
  and discorporate adherents
lost children 
  and passed parents alike
watched them all queue up
  to pray
prone at the tunnel of light

deep down 
between gears
lovers grasp and moan
flowers fuse their gametes
gases condense to bone

no real rest
no judgement test
just back
   the machine


Author: Transdimensional Poet

Poet, Transdimensional explorer, fisherman.

One thought on “Original poem #14”

  1. I had to look up asomatous. Good word.
    With wordy signs they bait us
    No true depth they’re asomatous

    Ok class now use it in a rhyme


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